Migrate your Applications to the Cloud with
Agility, Flexibility, and Security

Migration Services

Unifetch's cloud migration services help organizations not only undergo a successful cloud adoption journey, but also benefit from a structured well architected framework that guides them through the process of enhanced and accelerated transformation of their infrastructure, processes, people and technology. Using WAF (Well Architected Framework) within our cloud migration methodology helps address gaps in foundational areas, leverage the Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) ecosystems, reduce migration risks and also paves a focused path to influence future innovations in the cloud.

Embrace speed, agility, and security by hosting your customer-facing or organizational applications or databases on the world's leading public cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. We understand that moving from on-premise to cloud or migrating between two cloud platforms needs meticulous planning to ensure security and zero downtime. That’s why our cloud engineers pick and choose the right approach that suits your requirement based on the 6 R's of migration – Rehost, Refactor, Revise, Replatform, Rebuild, or Replace.

Faster Deployment

Enhanced Security Features

Increased Mobility

Improved Cost Management

Less Infrastructure Complexity

Our Cloud Migration Approach

Unifetch has helped several of its customers achieve their business goals at every stage of their cloud migration journey. While every organization may have their customized cloud adoption avenues, there are common patterns, approaches, and best practices that can be implemented to streamline the transformation process. Our unique cloud migration framework offers a proven and pragmatic approach to the challenge of data service migration.

Unifetch's migration approach specializes on aligning architectural design with a data driven approach and Well Architected Framework (WAF) principles for the top 3 cloud service provider’s viz. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure & Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to create an on-demand environment for experimentation and innovation for its customers. Unifetch’s migration services help move workloads easily from public clouds to any environment.

Our Methodology

Our Methodogy
Our Methodogy

i. Cloud Migration Discovery & Analysis

We study and evaluate your infrastructure, application and data using proprietary tools. This way we get to know the best fit services that suit your business needs.

ii. Cloud Migration Strategy

Once we leverage all the data from the analysis, we take note of all your business needs and identify opportunities for the optimal migration strategy.

iii. Cloud Migration Planning

Our set of analysis tools will help us prioritize required call to actions which will reduce risk, time and cost.

iv. Cloud Migration Execution

We use automated cloud management and migration tools which provides a smooth transition with a perfect transformation management plan to stay on track.

Hybrid Cloud Migration Approach

Unifetch's Hybrid Cloud Migration approach lets you dynamically coordinate application workloads between the public and private clouds, and consolidate your underlying architecture with integrated processes, tools and comprehensive governance. It also provides an all-inclusive portfolio of components designed to enhance your ability to embrace the cloud and its benefits viz. accelerating time to market, optimizing operations, maximizing business value and offering you a significant competitive edge.

Why Unifetch for Your Cloud Migration?

  • Partnerships with top tier cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud (GCP)
  • Over 150+ cloud certified professionals to help deliver projects designed to meet security, compliance and governance requirements
  • Applications and servers moved into the cloud quickly and smoothly, with minimal interference to achieve maximum ROI
  • Reduced costs by moving legacy systems, servers, networks and storage from a data center or other cloud service into a single or multi-cloud environment
  • Migration aligned with cost effectiveness, reliability, scalability & performance
  • Customized and adaptable application rationalization & migration methodologies
  • PoC funding programs geared towards customer workloads and unique business needs
  • Reduced administration costs, lower runtime costs and better licensing costs